#Ukoronowane - o co chodzi w tym projekcie? 0

#Ukoronowane to projekt, którego zadaniem jest podnieść Was na duchu. To był trudny czas dla nas wszystkich, ale damy radę! 

Poznajcie historie odważnych, pięknych i utalentowanych kobiet, które na co dzień odwiedzają nasze kawiarnie, a teraz zagościły na etykietach naszych kaw single origin, cascary oraz herbaty matcha! 

Ponadto na paczkach znalazły się słowa mocy wybrane przez bohaterki projektu. Mamy nadzieję, że tym razem nastrój poprawią Wam nie tylko aromat i smak kawy, ale również opisane historie i moc z nich płynąca. Nie damy się!

Uri Wollner, właściciel Cophi:

"The magic of yellow lights** (Should be read as you were Morgan Freeman, David Attenborough will also be ok).

There is no doubt, that there are "rules" to almost every situation we can imagine while driving. Having said that - in an intersection with broken lights, blinking a repetitive "yellow light", there are no rules. Only judgment.

A famous song brought this point up also - "Should I stay or should I go now. If I go there will be trouble, And if I stay it will be double. So come on and let me know - Should I stay or should I go...."

The only problem is - during March 2020, we were all in that car, in that intersection with broken lights, having to make a judgment. Even worse - in front of that girl or boy, wondering if we should stay or just go home.
March 2020 was our moment of yellow lights. Instead of bringing up all that is not - we bring you "ukoronowane".

The word "influencer" has taken somewhat of a turn in the past few years and became more about "consumerism advice" rather than actual education, knowledge, creativity, music, art. We decided to focus on exactly that.
"Ukoronowane" is a group of powerful independent women that have been influencing us, a lot. We decided to crown them, the queens of influence. The queens of yellow lights.

What a world this would be without text, art, creativity, music. Movement. We all faced NO's, closed doors, yellow lights - but these amazing women, each in her own way decided to go on. Influence. Spread knowledge, art, life... For those reasons and so much more - we call them "ukoronowane".

I would like to personally thank each one of you for reading so far :) I believe this is one of the most human-ish important projects we did. The focus is on hope. Community. Pushing boundaries. Not giving up. Another day/another way, but mostly - being heard. You are not alone. I sincerely hope, that by reading these stories, you, the reader will feel, just a little bit better, not alone. A victor that hasn't given up, an "ukoronowane" too!"

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