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After working in the coffee world for several years, we at Cophi decided to make a difference. Our main goal is providing our clients the ultimate experience in a cup. Since we are a small family business, we cannot afford to lose the loyalty of our clients. We worked very hard to source the highest quality beans, and also decided to build our production process locally, thereby supporting other local family businesses and following the process from A to Z.

We are an independent company, which allows us to make the correct decisions when it comes to guaranteeing that no compromises are made in regards to quality, from start to finish.

We source our beans directly from the plantations around the world, which allows us to proudly say that we supervise the process from bean to cup.

Our coffee is roasted locally, and per order, ensuring the client always gets fresh coffee.

We also offer private labeling, allowing our clients, from small 5kg/month to big ones to promote their own brand.

Cophi also has a cafe in the heart of Warsaw. We opened it a year ago to get a first hand response about our blends. We listened and perfected.

In our opinion life is too short for bad coffee.

For us it's not just coffee, it's coffee with a lot of heart.


coffee roasting

We offer a selection of blends for the different HoReCa clients. We welcome the opportunity to build custom blends for our clients.
In addition, we have a changing seasonal selection of single origin coffees that we roast for espresso blends or alternative methods (chemex, drip, aeropress, etc). We roast the coffee per order, to guaranatee full freshness.


We have a very wide selection of teas, from bio/organic to fruit teas. It is also possible to build a private blend of tea for you.


We are an official distibutor, partner and service center for Conti espresso machines. Conti is a well known brand from Monaco. We provide installation, service, maintenance, training and technical support.

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Our staff is highly skilled in the different methods of coffee preparation. We offer training classes of different types:
- basic
- advanced
- latte art
- alternative: chemex, drip, aeropress, syphon, etc.


We love making coffee! We offer our services also for your upcoming event, wedding, office, fair, birthday, either as a working barista or as an educational experience (a coffee class on how to make coffee at home for example). We also offer a special ice cream show – liquid nitrogen ice cream.

green coffee import

We work hand in hand with a private plantation in Colombia: cafedelamanana.com If you would like a visit or order, please do not hesitate to contact us!

coffee club subscription

Have the joy of having fresh coffee from different parts of the world sent to you regularly, every month! This will give you a chance to experience unique flavors in an educational way, and learn your personal preferences.


We strive to offer our clients the best products at competitve prices. We have created the shop to allow you to have access to our full inventory, from bar accessories, to bar tools, coffee, tea, chocolate, and coffee machines.

our cafe

Located in the heart of Warsaw, our cafe serves as our office, training spot and research center. It is here that we practise our skills, try new products, organize degustations and cuppings, and decide wether a product is worthy of our clients or not.
In addition to this, it's also a perfect little cafe with music and wifi, a place to grab a cup of coffee from the 10 different blends that we offer on a daily basis.

online guides

We have created a selection of guides, in pdf and video format for you to watch and enjoy.

Coffee consultations

Contact us for more details!



brew guides

  • Chemex
  • Drip/ pour over/ V60
  • Aero Press
  • French Press
  • Turkish
  • Moka/ Kawiarka
  • Flip Drip
  • Vietnamska
  • Tea
  • Matcha

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  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Latte art
  • Alternative: chemex, drip, aeropress, syphon, etc.

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